Airoh (アイロー)フリップアップ ヘルメット GP 500

Airoh (アイロー)フリップアップ ヘルメット GP 500
  • カート内の商品: なし
  • 型番: airoh_GP5
  • 梱包後の重量: 1.80 kg
価格: 42,800円 今購入されると4,280円が割引中!

品番:GP511 - ブラック マット
品番:GP514 - ホワイト グロス

materialweightshellventilationvisorinner liningretention systemavailable accessories
(-included in the box)
available size (cm)
(High performance composite)
From 1200 g
(+- 50 g)
3 shells:
1° XS
2° S-M
3° L-XL
Front vents
Top Vent
Chin guard vents
Rear and side extractors
Light smoke homologated
Racing visor 2D
Tool-less quick release
Scratch resistant
Uv resistant
Ready for tear off
Block system
Removable and washable inner lining
Dd ringClear Visor
Dark smoke visor
Solver mirrored visor
Gold visor
Iridium visor
Blue visor
Stop wind
Tear off kit
Fs pinlock
Nose cover
XS 53-54
S 55-56
M 57-58
L 59-60
XL 61

Gp 500 is a carbon fibre racing helmet designed for the fastest racers and available with three different shell sizes.

Through the use of superior materials and leading-edge technology, Gp 500 is bound to leave its mark. Every detail was developed through the joint efforts of pilots and technicians in order to obtain a highly performing helmet in all of its characteristics, including a type-tested 50% smoke visor suited for fitting tear-off sheets and with a built-in visor lock, an integrated Pinlock® lens, an integrated windstopper, 10 vents and an emergency cheek pad release system.

Inner lining is highly breathable, hypoallergenic and totally removable. Indeed, this helmet is an outstanding product in terms of safety, performance and comfort.

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