Airoh (アイロー) フルフェイス ヘルメット GP 500 Check ホワイト グロス

Airoh (アイロー) フルフェイス ヘルメット GP 500 Check ホワイト グロス
  • カート内の商品: なし
  • 型番: airoh_GP5CH38
  • 梱包後の重量: 1.80 kg
価格: 64,350円 今購入されると6,435円が割引中!


GP 500 is a racing 100% Carbon Kevlar helmet, designed and conceived for the champions of speed. Thanks to the use of fine materials and a concentration of technology, the GP 500 is ready to make its mark._x000D_
Every detail has been developed thanks to the collaboration between racers and technicians, thus obtaining a high-performing helmet in all of its features: three different shell sizes, a certified face visor that is 50% tinted, predisposition for installation of the tear off, face visor locking system, the visor’s antifog position and the emergency system for the release of cheek pads._x000D_
Its prerogatives are safety, maximum performance and enviable comfort.