Airoh (アイロー) フルフェイス ヘルメット GP2 SHADO

Airoh (アイロー) フルフェイス ヘルメット GP2 SHADO
  • カート内の商品: なし
  • 型番: airoh_GPS17
  • 梱包後の重量: 1.80 kg
価格: 29,810円 今購入されると2,981円が割引中!


Outer shell available in 4 sizes. - Composite fibre outer shell made of Carbon and Kevlar. - Helmet interior anatomically designed. - 2.5 mm professional quick release visor, with differentiated thickness up to 1.8 mm in order to reach a high optical quality, external scratch resistant treatment. - Anti-fog System AFFS with quick insertion. - Visor with auto-setting rotation which grants a continuous fitting to the injection moulded trim with air exchange. - Visor with block system. - Visor ready for tear-off visor fixing. - Hypoallergenic and antibacterial inner liner with high transpiring netting inserts which grant a high comfort. - Removable and washable liner. - Internal auto-setting comfort cheek pads, completely removable, and washable. - SANITIZED hygienic treatment for inner fabric. - Double-ring helmet retention system. - Removable air deflector on the nose. - Removable air deflector in the chin area. - 2 adjustable chin guard air intake by an internal control. - 2 adjustable front aerators. - 1 adjustable upper aerator which conveys fresh air inside the helmet. - 2 adjustable back extractors in order to convey hot air outside. - 2 side extractors. - Aeration system has completely been developed into wind gallery. - Weight 1,250g