Akrapovic / アクラポビッチ オプショナルヘッダー (SS) Honda CB 1000 R (2008-2018) | E-H10R7

Akrapovic / アクラポビッチ オプショナルヘッダー (SS) Honda CB 1000 R (2008-2018) | E-H10R7
  • カート内の商品: なし
  • 型番: ak_E-H10R7
  • 梱包後の重量: 6.10 kg
価格: 70,000円


Type: Optional Header (SS)

This offers the option to upgrade the Slip-On Line muffler to a full, complete system. It is made from perfectly welded stainless-steel tubes. It delivers improved sound when used in conjunction with the Slip-On Line, which gives it a racing note that will certainly be heard and appreciated. Power and torque are improved through the entire rpm range. When mounting the optional headers to the EC/ECE type-approved Slip-On Line (Titanium) exhaust system, the EC/ECE type approval is no longer valid.For perfect performance, throttle response and durability special developed mapping has to be used.?THIS PRODUCT DOES NOT MEET EMISSION COMPLIANCE REQUIREMENTS FOR STREET OR HIGHWAY USE.