Bitubo / ビチューボ フロント ショック YAMAHA | Y0128JBH01V1WO

Bitubo / ビチューボ フロント ショック YAMAHA | Y0128JBH01V1WO
  • カート内の商品: なし
  • 型番: btb_Y0128JBH01V1WO
  • 梱包後の重量: 6.10 kg
価格: 72,300円


型番 : Y0128JBH01V1WO

JBH0 Series fork cartridgesPressurized cartridge with more stability during braking and a support consistency that offers maximum driving safetyDoesn't require any modification of original components and allows you to restore original suspensions at any timeRevisable in all its parts so to maintain a constant efficiency throughout the life of the bikeSpring quick change system and new cartridge disassembly system, without the need to remove the fork from the bike