MIVV - SPORT 2 スリップオン スチール、黒 for APRILIA DORSODURO 1200 ('12-)

MIVV - SPORT 2 スリップオン スチール、黒 for APRILIA DORSODURO 1200 ('12-)
  • カート内の商品: なし
  • 型番: mivv_A010L9
  • 梱包後の重量: 7.10 kg
価格: 123,000円




The Power of SOUND

The SUONO line is the result of the synergetic exploitation of the experience
of a great company of the MotoGp world.

A perfect combination of innovative aesthetic appearance and applied technology.
Impeccable assembly, innovative look, performance without compromise.

SUONO is a rigorously “made in Italy” mix that is hard to match.
Design. The origin of the species…

In designing SUONO, the MIVV was inspired by an idea: that the roar emitted by an
engine makes it possible for whoever is not listening to it to imagine its “voice'.

This interpretation of the 'sound' was, for MIVV, the basis of the design, an approach
that made it possible to fantasize as the product was being designed, engineered, and produced

SUONO Full Titanium
When we designed the Suono line we purposely chose the best
materials for guaranteeing an extremely light weight.

Suono is available in two versions: standard and full titanium.
The standard version differs from the full titanium version in the different
internal materials used: stainless steel for the standard version and titanium
grade 1 for the full titanium version.

The full titanium version weighs 45% less than the standard version,
with the weight dropping from 1.9 kg to 1.2 kg.

At the performance level, the increase achieved with the adoption of FULL TITANIUM
is indirect and mainly attributable to the lower weight of the exhaust.

Compared to the standard version, the full titanium version is particularly suitable
for those who want to use their bike for track racing (amateur or professional).

SUONO Steel Black
After the 'Full Titanium' version, we are now proud to introduce, with this new SUONO model,
a further version of our main exhaust, the 'Steel Black'.

We believe that the 'black style' is unique, and will certainly not disappoint the expectations
of the owners of latest generation naked and sports models.

SUONO Steel Black, consists of a central body in black stainless steel with a brushed effect,
called Black Satin.

It is obtained through a special galvanizing process and it is delimited by inlet
and outlet caps and a carbon clamp.

As for the other features , the SUONO Steel Black, has in common with the other versions,
the same technical characteristics, that mark the well-known MIVV exhaust.

This is the model intended for those who wish to enhance the look of their
motorbikes with an innovative design model, but at a limited cost.

Compared with other Suono versions, this product is fully made of high temperature
resistant austenitic AISI 304 stainless steel. The internal components are also made of stainless steel.

Technical and mechanical features

  • To keep SUONO’s weight down, we chose the best materials available.
  • Titanium 1 slow degree, with a wall thickness of just 0.6 mm, resulting in an incidence of just 15% on the total weight.
  • 3K 200 gr /mq? twill carbon impregnated with special high-temperature-resistant resins.
  • Sound-absorbent can constructed with a blend of high-temperature-resistant CE 14-micron texturized fabrics specially studied for lowering noise ? especially at high frequencies.
  • Removable pipe (dB - Killer) studied to guarantee perfect compliance with the current noise regulations and at the same time capable of exalting ’s thunderous sound.
  • AISI 304 stainless steel rivets (4,8 x10) with a shear resistance value of 7.000 Nm and a tensile stress resistance of 4.900 Nm, in order to guarantee the structural stability of the silencer.
  • CNC-machined AISI 304 stainless steel bushing to ensure perfect couplings with the connecting pipes (only for standard version).
  • Internal components of titanium grade 1, thickness 0.6 and 0.8 mm for the full titanium version
  • 3K 200 gr /mq? twill carbon fiber fastening strap, to keep high resistance to mechanical stresses.


  • Innovative design totally Made in Italy. Exclusive model in the world.
  • Employment of the best materials, which are available in the market. High technology coming directly from MotoGP experience, which only few factories can offer.
  • 3K twill carbon impregnated with special resins. Titanium 1 slow degree. High reliable materials, that are the result of a long research & development activity.
  • The system guarantees high power and torque performances. It’s ideal for race.
  • Shrill sound for an extreme product use.
  • Homologated silencer in compliance with the EU directives. Security without compromises.
  • Huge weight loose unlike genuine system and better bike versatility.
  • Popular brand in the MotoGP; absolute guarantee of steady innovation.
  • Reliability of one of the main world manufacturer of OE systems.
  • Reliable after-sales-service, that solves all your problems.