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SWモテック / SW-MOTECH SysBag 15 + アダプタープレート 右側 HONDA CRF1000L アフリカツイン アドベンチャースポーツ SD06 (18-18) | BC.SYS

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EAN: 4052572049518

SysBag 15 with adapter plate, right.

The 15 liter SysBag 15 weighs just 0.9 kg. Its size and shape are optimized to be lashed to the tail and to be combined with two additional bags (SysBag 10 and or SysBag 15) if needed. Your machine will be good to go even sooner, if you use the SysBag 15 with adapter plate - then you can attach it to the SLC or PRO side carrier with just one click. You can attach the bag to STREET-RACK, ADVENTURE-RACK or STEEL-RACK racks using the same adapter plate for SysBag 15 with just one movement.

The right bag for everyone: Street bike or touring enduro? Stow sports gear or a trip around the world? Our SysBag series includes just three bags, and yet offers more than 20 mounting options and combinations. The bags are easily lashed on the tail or the side or mounted using the quick release fastener to the carrier. Or in combination with each other. Weve got the perfect luggage solution for your bike and your next tour.

At SW-MOTECH, we have motorcyclists at work in product development who know what you need for everyday riding. Thus our SysBags combine light weight with durability, versatility and well thought out details. SysBag 10 and SysBag 15 are easy to combine using integrated straps with SysBag hooks and loops. You dont need anything but the included loop straps to lash it to the motorcycle.

All SysBags are made of particularly robust Ballistic Nylon material tested by the military, have a roll closure and an overlapping lid. Weather protection is also provided by a double PU interior coating and a removable, waterproof inner bag, which are connected to the roll closure using Velcro(R). Reflective details ensure more safety in traffic. After the tour, our SysBags can be easily carried by the integrated carrying handle or included shoulder strap.

Features of the SysBag 15 bag
  • Robust and versatile soft luggage for all kinds of adventures
  • Used as a side bag or tail bag, SysBag 15 makes up the foundation when combined with other SysBags
  • Can be lashed to the bikes tail end with the loop straps provided
  • Integrated straps with SysBag hooks and loops enable the combination with SysBag 10 and SysBag 15
  • Fasten to SLC or PRO side carriers with just one click
  • The adapter plate for SysBag 15 also provides for rapid attachment to STREET-RACK, ADVENTURE- RACK or STEEL-RACK luggage carriers
  • Back that is gentle on paintwork with anti-slip coating
  • Reinforced elements prevent flapping at high speeds
  • Overlapping cover with mesh compartment inside
  • Waterproof: The removable, waterproof inner bag can be fastened to the roll closure
  • Integrated carrying handle, shoulder strap included in delivery
  • When using the bag without adapter plates, rubber stopper on the eyelets protect the paint
  • Reflective details for more safety in traffic
  • Function elements color coded
  • Made of robust ballistic nylon, with double PU interior coating for better weather protection
  • Material: 1680D Ballistic Nylon / 420D Ripstop
  • Color: Black / Anthracite
  • Weight: 0.9 kg
  • Size: 32.5 x 15,5 x 36.5 cm
  • Volume: 15 l
Features of the right adapter plate for SysBag 15
  • Simple mounting of the adapter plate on loops on the bags back with four screws
  • Just one movement: Quick-release fastener system of the adapter plate guarantees secure hold for the SysBag on the SLC or PRO side carrier
  • Bike-specific side carriers are available separately, for attaching to PRO side carriers or luggage racks the adapter kit for SysBags 15/30 with adapter plate are required.
  • The bag can likewise be secured on STREET-RACK, ADVENTURE-RACK or STEEL-RACK with one click using the adapter plate
  • Comfortable opening of the quick-release fastener via a drawstring
  • Adapter plate is available for either the left or right side
  • Before first use, the quick-release fastener is mounted on the adapter plate and this to the bag
  • Material: Aluminum alloy
  • Color: Black
  • Surface: Powder coated
  • Weight: 580 kg
  • Size: 31 x 28 cm
  • Still have questions about assembly? Refer to the instructions for further details.
Included in delivery
  • 1 SysBag 15 bag
  • 1 right adapter plate for SysBag 15
  • 4 loop straps with SysBag hooks
  • 1 shoulder strap
  • 1 waterproof inner bag
  • 4 rubber stoppers for the eyes on the back of the bag
  • 2 license plate straps
  • 1 paint protection film
  • Mounting instructions