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SWモテック / SW-MOTECH AERO (エアロ) ABS サイドケースセット2x 25 l. ABS プラスティック ブラック | BC.HTA.00.675.12000/B

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EAN: 4052572058435

AERO ABS side case set

Aerodynamic style, low weight, comfortable details: the new generation of AERO ABS side case impresses with its streamlined form and the modern, particularly easy-care surface. The side carriers made from heavy-duty ABS plastic offer 25 l of storage on each side while weighing just 1.8 kg and are the ideal luggage solution for sporty motorcycle travelers in combination with the removable PRO or EVO side carriers. The AERO ABS side case also gets points with well-thought out details like carrying handle, reflective textile welt and the comfortably equipped interior with textile lining, elastic cross straps, as well as a mesh pocket. The carrier can be opened completely or just a little thanks to the lid limiters. Protection against theft without keys! The side carrier provides the AERO ABS with a secure hold simply by snapping it in place. If necessary, the newly developed locking system inside the case can also be used: simply push the anti-theft protection, turn and the side case can no longer be removed from the side carrier. The contents of the case are protected from thieves by a lockable zipper and a lock for motorcycle luggage that come with the delivery. ABS plastic combines light weight with extra durability. Furthermore, the material distinguishes itself with its rigidity, high impact resistance, weather and UV resistance, and we have used it for years. The structured surface of the ABS side case is also easy to care for and scratch-resistant. For optimal weather-proofing, a waterproof inner bag is included in delivery.

  • Lightweight and sturdy side cases for motorcycle travelers.
  • Safely secured to the removable PRO/EVO side carriers by quick-release fastener by SW-MOTECH
  • Bike-specific PRO or EVO side carrier are available separately
  • Protection against theft by securing to the side carrier, lockable zipper and lock for motorcycle luggage included in the delivery.
  • 25 l storage per case, weighing just 1.8 kg when empty
  • Comfortable interior: padded textile lining, elastic cross straps, mesh pocket, bag to store lock for motorcycle luggage
  • Open it completely on the hotel bed or flip it open partially: Lid limiters with snap buckle secure the content
  • Carrying handles allow for carrying two cases with one hand
  • Reflective details for more safety in traffic
  • Structured surface is easy to care for and scratch-resistant and lends the AERO ABS side cases a modern look
  • Made from heavy-duty, weather-proof and UV-resistant 2.5-mm thick (inner case) and 2-mm thick (outer case) ABS plastic.
  • Waterproof inner bag included in delivery
  • Please choose the PRO or EVO side carrier that fits your motorcycle model and the corresponding adapter kit for attaching the AERO ABS side cases. For many models of motorcycle, we offer the complete system, including side cases, side carriers and adapter kits.
Included in delivery
  • 2 AERO ABS side cases
  • 2 waterproof inner bags
  • 2 locks for motorcycle luggage
  • Mounting material
  • Mounting instructions
Specs per case
  • Material: ABS plastic / Polyester
  • Color: Black
  • Surface: Textured
  • Weight: 1.8 kg
  • Size: 52 x 22 x 39 cm
  • Volume: 25 l
  • Manufacturer: SW-MOTECH