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SW-MOTECH / SWモテック Legend Gear (レジェンドギア) レッグバッグセット + LA8. ホルスター LA7 + レッグバッグ LA8. 1,25 l. -ブラック/ブラウン

1 個(カートも含めた商品の合計数)




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EAN: 4052572048696

Legend Gear leg bag set with LA7 holster and leg bag LA8

A little joyride with your motorcycle? But where do you put the wallet, keys and smartphone if you dont have any luggage? With the Legend Gear leg bag in a retro-look, you carry the most important items on your body for unrestricted movement. For best comfort possible, the holster can be fit to the length of the leg or the thigh or hip size, or be combined with another belt.

Features of the LA8 leg bag
  • The leg bag is tied to the M.O.L.L.E.-System of the Legend Gear holster LA7
  • Also fits on nearly all of the Legend Gear series products, such as the Drybag Tail Bags LR1 & LR2, Messenger Bag LR3, Tank Bags LT1 & LT2, Legend Gear Saddlebags LS1 & LS2, Legend Gear Side Bags LC1 & LC2, Saddle Strap SLS and Tank Strap SLA and Drybag 700 Tail Bag.
  • The Legend Gear smartphone bag LA3 can be attached to the leg bag LA8
  • Padded inner storage with 3 map holders, 2 pen holders and 2 compartments
  • Made of durable napalon synthetic leather & waxed canvas, with water resistant PU interior coating
  • Waterproof rain cover included in delivery
  • Material: Napalon synthetic leather / Canvas
  • Color: Black / Brown
  • Weight: 0.170 kg
  • Size: 19.5 x 13 x 5 cm
  • Volume: 1.25 l
Features of the LA7 holster
  • Secure hold of the holster through the leg strap, optional hip strap and back side with anti-slip coating
  • Holster belts can be individually adjusted for leg length, thigh and hip circumference
  • Comfortable seat of the leg strap through integrated rubber pulls
  • The optional hip belt is attached to the holster with snaps
  • Can also be combined with other belts
  • Quick removal through the practical snap buckles
  • M.O.L.L.E. system to lash leg bag LA8 and the accessory bags LA1 or LA2
  • Material: Polyamide / Napalon synthetic leather
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 0.230 kg
                    • To protect the natural fibres from the influences of weather, we recommend impregnating the cotton textile surface of the product at regular intervals or after intensive cleaning with a commercially available wax impregnation (such as that from Fjällräven).
                    Included in delivery
                    • 1 Legend Gear Leg Bag LA8
                    • 1 Legend Gear holster LA7
                    • 1 Rain cover
                    • Mounting instructions